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Created by kevinwd1 > 9 months ago, 6 Aug 2006
QLD, 95 posts
6 Aug 2006 9:47AM
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I have decided to get a smaller board(132) and like the look of the Underground boards.I will probably have to go for a secondhand board as the money tree isn't living up to expectations.Is their much difference between the 2004 to 2006 boards.How much would you expect to pay for a good secondhand board.

NSW, 1000 posts
6 Aug 2006 10:15AM
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I've never heard much bad about the FLX's. The main diff's are the originals (04)were flat bottomed, 05's are concave, 06's are double concave. Pads and straps have changed, the older one's are glued on so it's trickier to change your stance. If I didn't already have enough boards I'd grab pauli's 132 for $380. Bargain.

QLD, 2627 posts
8 Aug 2006 9:43PM
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the 04 flx flexed pretty evenly through the whole length of the board, where the 05 is more rigid between the footpads but has ****loads of flex on the tips. they're great boards, i cant wait to get my grubby paws on an 06

NSW, 59 posts
24 Aug 2006 9:47AM
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I've got a 04 132 FLX (flat bottom) which is great. I have not had any problems with mine but have been told that they are patroleum based and some of them begin to deteteriorate. Mine has had a hard life but is still as good as new. It was $500 Second hand 1 1/2 years ago so you should be able to get one for less than $400 - just have a look at it before you buy.

I have not seen a board with any problems but believe that Underground changed the material for the later boards.

Happy Hunting

QLD, 116 posts
25 Aug 2006 8:18AM
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recently got to have a go on the latest flx 152.

some quick first impressions:

sick graphics!
finish and quality are top-notch
very light and turns fast, but also stable
footpads are a tad on the hard side for my liking

if i had the dough, i'd get one and slap on some liquid force footpads.

QLD, 398 posts
11 Sep 2006 4:17AM
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I think for just $100 bucks extra you can design your own custom graphics on an underground board! I seen some pretty cool custom graphics.

QLD, 2627 posts
11 Sep 2006 12:10PM
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anyone know if liquid force footpads will bolt straight on to the new flx?

14 Sep 2006 8:37AM
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You mean the deluxe pads and straps set?
Answer is yes, one of the riders here has done it.

Cya and


Steve McCormack

QLD, 1203 posts
14 Sep 2006 9:55AM
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Board Review: Underground FLX Double Concave.

QLD, 2627 posts
14 Sep 2006 12:57PM
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next question...anyone know where i can get hold of some LF footpads and straps? yesterday?

QLD, 108 posts
15 Sep 2006 8:20AM
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Steve, I checked your website and you only have the luxury board kit is that the same thing as the delux pads and straps. If not can you still get em and if so how much.



QLD, 177 posts
17 Sep 2006 6:42PM
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A mate of mine just picked up a new Underground Flx ,(double concave model) for a bit over 800 - looks pretty nice. Still prefer the Cardboards though.
You can get the Lf footpad set direct from LF Oz if you log onto their site.

QLD, 2627 posts
23 Sep 2006 2:58PM
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just fitted the LF profile pads and straps to a new flx (bought them from jason at full tilt, cheaper than through LF website), the hole centres line up perfectly, you just have to buy some M6 x 25 bolts as LF are seppo imperial and the standard underground bolts are too short.

WA, 3464 posts
25 Sep 2006 11:23PM
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My sturdy troopers.


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