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Upgrade 2009 Underground FLX, thinking 2011 NHP ??

Created by Dragonpig > 9 months ago, 10 Oct 2010
NSW, 45 posts
10 Oct 2010 4:00PM
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Rider: 90-95 kg , 6'3
Style: Freestyle starting to try kiteloops , unhooking etc..... currently got intermediate tricks down .....LOVE GOING BIG !
Weather: 10-35 knots
KITES..... Bandits all the way ...
HI everyone ,

Im hoping that you are going to be able to help me . I am looking to change boards .... I currently ride an FLX 135 that i have loved but am finding that my ankles and knees are taking a serious strain now when landing and its not great in chop ..... one of the things love about this board is that it gets me going earlier than most because its so flat and stiff and has great pop.

Now i had a go on a 134x42 2010 nhp yesterday in 12-14 knots with my 15m bandit and had a good time but obviously lost some bottom end...... I am thinking i might keep the underground and just get a 134/42 for stronger winds or should i be looking at the 137x44 ...... it just seems like that is a lot more board than i have now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated on this or any other boards.



10 Oct 2010 7:31PM
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Ive ridden both love the nhp and recon thye 134 should be fine, if youve currently been using a 135 underground other wise try the 50/50 in a 140, belive me they dont feel big and they are great in chop or surf have great lowed and pop and soft landings
I ride a 131 NHP or a 139 50/50 and im 72 kgs
Have Fun George

WA, 163 posts
12 Oct 2010 6:30PM
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A mate of mine works for Auspro who are bringing in Shinn kiteboards.
The word from North Hemisphere is that the Shinn "MONK" is a pretty special board, and worth a try, They arrive in Australia this month.....
the sizes are 135 x 44, 135 x 42 and 133 x 41
There are some reviews in the UK forums

QLD, 537 posts
17 Oct 2010 8:48PM
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I ride a 140 ,50/50 and is the best board for choppy water full stop ,nice on the knees and ankles .Couple of weeks ago I was swapping between the nhp and the 50/50 ,conditions were very choppy and the 50/50 was suprisingly alot smoother ride.Also love the skatey feel of the 50 with the small fins,feels alot more slippery than the nhp with the same fins.


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