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Varial X 2014 vs Ozone C4 2014 Opinions?

Created by prastis > 9 months ago, 15 May 2016
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15 May 2016 7:42PM
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Guys I am in the search of buying a second kite to complete my quiver up to say 27-28 knots. I have been riding for 2 years now on and off, and I am interested in getting into freestyle/ wakestyle in the near future. I am in the stage where I am doing some hooked in railies to get my load and pop sorted out, and will start attempting backrolls and frontrolls soon enough I hope.

As far as jumping is related I perform some adequate jumps, with sufficient control but not any looping yet. My current kite is a 12m ozone catalyst 2014. I am thinking of adding a 9m or 10m if its more of a C kite.

Having said that I have now found two used offers within the UK which I am not sure which one to choose.

1st option is a 9m Varial X 2014, with no bar at 300 GBP. The kite has been used for like 30 sessions, has no repairs or pinholes and looks in good condition. From what I have read from different reviews this kite would be a great addition to my quiver. I am planning on using this kite with my ozone bar which I recently had the lines changed and its working very nice. If I would buy the bar from the seller it would add 100 GBP.

2nd option I have found out is a 10m 2014 c4 at 435GBP with bar, not much use, seller says its in nearly new condition. My only concern with the c4 is that maybe I am not ready for it yet. Although catalyst is a kite that needs to be worked in order to get it going I believe ( I dont think its a park and ride kite), the aggresiveness of the c4 its something that worries me. On the other hand though in the near future when I would advance a little bit my next quiver would be c4s (at least thats what it was in my mind).

So moneywise (300 GBP vs 435 GBP [incl. bar]) and kitewise what would you recommend? I believe the c4 is a better value for money at the moment if I can support the kite and get to know it. 10m C kite would be like a 9M SLE so I guess in wind coverage I would be okay. Regarding bar pressure which I know c4s are known for I am not sure it is something I mind although I am certain it can be tinkered from the knots.

Any thoughts on best purchase?

Thanks in advance.


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15 May 2016 10:01PM
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prastis said.. I am in the stage where I am doing some hooked in railies

your not ready for a c4

im not ready for a c4 either (and have had a few) and im landing some passes. c4 is only good for more advanced moves that require some slack no 11 oclock stuff to cheat a little more time strictly powered wakestyle only.

its just way to deep in the window for anything else

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15 May 2016 9:38PM
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Okay thanks that was pretty clear. :)

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16 May 2016 5:11PM
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A 2014 Varial X is a fantastic kite. I had a 10m & still have a 14m.Amazing kites, to get the best from them you need to fly them. They need to be worked to get the best from them. So you need to have good kite skills, not be afraid to work the kite, and be light on your feet.

It is not a pull the bar in and go kite.

If you get your head around that, you will enjoy it.

The Ozone bar will work, but you will need to change the pig tails on the bar. Ozone have knots on the outside, Airush have loops on the outside. Ozone has loops on the inside, Airush has knots on the inside.
Easy to convert, buy the slingshot pigtail kit, about £12

Amazing kite with an amazing top end.

The C4 is easier to fly if you a pull the bar in away you go type of rider.



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