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What boards are comparable to the North Jamie

Created by probabli > 9 months ago, 19 Apr 2017
VIC, 22 posts
19 Apr 2017 10:14AM
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I've just sold my cabrinha tronic because i thought it was too power hungry and slow. It handles the chops beautifully, but needed to be basically overpowered before you could really race around on it (the board i had was a little undersized for me too).

I've demo'ed the north x ride and jamie and was hoping to pick one up second hand because they're so damn expensive. Unfortunately there aren't many second hand boards in the larger sizes on the market (which speaks to how good the boards are, no one wants to sell them).

What other brands' boards are comparable to the Jamie? I'm thinking early planing and good upwind, and easy boosting.

I tried a cabrinha xcaliber, and that was pretty nice.

WA, 7313 posts
19 Apr 2017 10:54AM
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You'd have to give a run on the shinn boards, also xenon, crazyfly, and nobile
for me the shinn bronq but it likes powerered riding and conditions, the newer monks are fantastic boards for all round freeriding, look at warrantys as 2 boards you have mentioned has had splitting issues across foot areas with little use, demo

WA, 1424 posts
20 Apr 2017 1:14PM
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Airush Apex


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