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Which kite is going to be the best for learning.

Created by Beachtime 9 months ago, 5 Feb 2017
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5 Feb 2017 12:44AM
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I have an older Cabrinha Switchblade like 2009. Have not boarded for a while due to injury. I now have my health back and I am looking to get a new kite to use in Brighton and Stkilda plus other parts of VIC. After researching carefully I am tossing up between these kites wondering which you would recommend.

North Rebel
Cabrinah Swtichblade
Life Force Wow
Naish Pivot

Also which size should I get 10, 11 or 12?

Thanks so much for you help, I am looking to be on the beach kite surfing every chance I get now and choosing the right kite is going to make a massive difference over the next couple of seasons

Cheers J

kiteboy dave
QLD, 6525 posts
5 Feb 2017 5:37AM
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Beachtime said..

Also which size should I get 10, 11 or 12?

Best provide your weight if people are going to have a shot at answering that..

harry potter
VIC, 2386 posts
5 Feb 2017 6:29AM
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Definitely the "Life Force WOW"

VIC, 528 posts
5 Feb 2017 6:32AM
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These kites are all good. if you are going to kite on waves and flat water then your choices are Pivot and WOW.

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5 Feb 2017 11:45AM
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My weight is 85 soon to be 80 in preparation for my wedding :)

QLD, 9 posts
5 Feb 2017 10:13PM
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used to have switch elements but changed to naish pivot because it has a refinement and lighter bar pressure ,i love pivots so much can get power from a 11m pivot equalling power from other 14m kites

QLD, 575 posts
4 Apr 2017 8:58PM
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Defo 11m pivot from that line up.
I teach all day on Ocean Rodeo Prodigy's
& in my opinion, theyre easily the best.
Call Nige at East coast kitesurfing for an end of season special price.

QLD, 511 posts
6 Apr 2017 10:40AM
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+1 for Naish Pivot. Great easy kite to learn on, stable, predictable and loads of power if you want it.

Forget Switchblade. That kite's design is too old now and there are far better options available today, besides you'll quickly outgrow it.

VIC, 185 posts
9 Apr 2017 6:31AM
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Child bearing or Ball bearing? nothing like a wedding to make a girl go on a diet and stack on a few more pounds. Probably should plan for 90 kg :).

NSW, 10 posts
11 Apr 2017 2:35PM
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Go Switch Kites. Cheap and quality. Perfect to learn on and even progress to beyond intermediate.

NSW, 193 posts
11 Apr 2017 5:15PM
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Switch Element is great for learning.

WA, 27 posts
24 Apr 2017 6:01PM
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I can highly recommend a Core Riot XR3 or a new XR4. I have been using them since i started 4 years ago and as soon as i flew one i loved it. Had the same kites for 4 years and use them minimum twice a week and they are still going strong and fly like new. Super easy to fly, heaps of low end for easy cruising, effortless upwind ability, awesome power on demand, great jumping and hangtime, can loop them no probs even with the bigger sizes. I never have a bad session on them. North Rebel is a great kite too. Stick with a delta/bow kite for learning and stay away from a C kite until your ready for megaloops or want to focus on wakestyle.

QLD, 183 posts
24 Apr 2017 8:56PM
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Slingshot Rally is a great for you needs, at soon to be 80 kg a 10m would be good. you could also consider a 10m wave sst by slingshot. Their gear is bullet proof and will last you for several seasons if you treat it right. what about the Ozone Enduro or Reo.
The Pivot would be my pick of your list.
Demo as much as you can.


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