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airush AP boots

Created by tomme > 9 months ago, 14 Oct 2014
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14 Oct 2014 8:51AM
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If relevent, please fill in this template...(& remove this line)

Rider: Weight 85,Level- ground level
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Wake, Freestyle -Kook style
Weather: ?-? knots
Build Quality: 9/10
Satisfaction: 9/10
Disclosure: (e.g. work at a shop/team rider etc)

My Comments:

The hype from Airush:
Developed from the ground up with Alex Pastor, the AP boot takes the unique demands of wakestyle kiting and combines them with the performance of a dedicated wake boot.US 6-7/8/9/10/11/12
Euro 38-39.3/40.5/42/43/44.5/46
Kiteboarding places specific loads on the boot when compared to a traditional wake boot, the AP Boot has been reinforced in all key areas, such as the toe cap and upper to base plate connection.MEMORY FOAM
We worked extensively to fine tune the density and memory capabilities of our foam for our footbed and inner boot. The result is supreme comfort with long lasting performance.HEEL LOCK
Integrated into the lace closure, the heel lock system keep your foot firmly connected to the base plate, even under the heaviest boosting and landing.ARTICULATED UPPER
The articulated upper allows us to control the flex between the upper and lower part of the foot. This creates a balance between mobility and support.DUAL DENSITY FOOTBED
The dual density footbed creates a soft primary layer that contours to your individual foot shape while the denser secondary layer absorbs the impact from monster landings.DIRECT DRIVE BASEPLATE
The combination of the aluminum stiffening bar and triangulated fiber reinforced base plate, drive the load directly into the board with minimum distortion and flex. This guarantees perfect response to rider input.

My Kook review:

Background:I broke my leg in early feb and have had a slow recovery, have moved to boots as a result ( plenty of people saying I told you so.. but thats another story). Basically i would say if you are unhooking and trying things like S- Bends (even just trying) get some boots, i had a foot come out of a strap and a nasty break as a result find i need more support than straps can offer (and the scare me a bit now).

Boots look great, construction is strong, back is much stiffer in the flesh than I had thought, there are lots of details like the lining that seem to feel... more finished i guess than some others i have looked at.- will take some time before we know for sure. H

have ridden these for about 10 hours so far and am very happy, great locked in feel and a higher cut than some of other boots on the market. Am 6'3 with longish legs but the break and plate are about 7 inches up from the ankle, I tried the system Process and found it a bit too low and the straps did not feel as supported (just personal view- most people love them).
have found them to be surprisingly light, even on my 140 livewire other people have picked up the board and made comment at the weight.

Admittedly the dual lacing system takes a bit of getting used to, am not the quickest at getting in and out but once in they hold really well.

All in all i think if you are in the market for a boot, take a look at these. as with anything, try what you can. am happy to answer any questions.

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14 Oct 2014 9:55AM
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yeh iv been looking at these boots also. at the moment I have liquid force vantage and hyperlite aj. but they both feel like they wont last the season.

how do these boots feel when they are wet, I no some boots feel nice and light but they soke up loads of water and get heavy?

VIC, 475 posts
14 Oct 2014 10:48AM
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I can only compare to the process, i have been really impressed weight wise, i had thought they would soak up water but have been good, even wet they are good take a look. Defiantly feel like there has been some thinking go into these from a kite perspective not just wake board boots on a kiteboard.

I like the look of the best/humanoid boots which seem to be a good price point (have only seen US pricing) but very low cut . also took a brief look at the North Pop which is similar but felt a bit softer through the back and just less detail and a bit less.. finished and for similar pricing went with the AP (also riding an Airsush board so some continuity there).


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