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liquid force m80 7-12mtr good or bad for learning?

Created by investor > 9 months ago, 1 May 2009
WA, 5 posts
1 May 2009 1:01AM
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Rider: 80kgs, beginner
Style: freeriding and small waves

My Comments: Just after anybodies thoughs and opinions on the liquid force M-80 kites. my mate has a 7mtr and 12mtr 2006 and we are both trying to learn on them. are these suited to beginners? I appreciate your feedback and will see you all in the water shortly.

ps i will be looking to buy a couple of second hand kites and all the gear including boards(wake style) harness, 7mtr, 12mtr. give me a call if you know of anyone getting rid of any.



VIC, 4372 posts
1 May 2009 8:21AM
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C kites are harder to learn on but plenty of people learnt on them in the old days so it should be fine. If you haven't done lessons, i suggest you do a couple though, nothing more dangerous than a c kite in the wrong hands.

VIC, 32 posts
1 May 2009 12:45PM
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I once flew '06 M80s... then saw the light. I agree that learning on C's has it's merits, but I'd avoid these kites and try something newer. Went from these kites to '08 Havocs and still love em.
Not the nicest kites, but that's one man's opinion...

QLD, 1674 posts
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11 May 2009 10:47AM
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Second Saffer's reply.

WA, 87 posts
12 May 2009 9:28PM
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I learn't to kite on a 4 line C kite, then bought a near new 7m M80 shortly followed by 12m SB1.
IMO my progress jumped heaps (Literally) after I got hold of the Switchblade Bow kite.
I didn't feel at home om the M80 untill I could call myself a competant kiter.
I can't tell you whether or not to go the C or bow without knowing you or your ability but if iI will stress don't buy an old clapped out kite simply cause its cheap, an 06 model kite is near vintage in kite life.
Save as much dough as possible and buy as near new as you can.


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