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new Griffin 10 mtr Argo

Created by widawake > 9 months ago, 1 Mar 2014
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1 Mar 2014 9:32AM
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Rider: 87kg
Style: Freeriding, Surf, Freestyle
Weather: 14/25 knots
Build Quality: 10/10
Satisfaction: 10/10
Disclosure: (new demo/team rider)

My Comments:
Hi most of you will know Griffin kites, some people love them some don't, but the kites have changed in the past year or so. I was riding an older 11.5 and learnt on it, a great kite, but I wanted to upgrade.
I contacted Chris from Griffin, he told me, sorry don't do 11.5s any more I will send you a new 10 demo. What a different kite this is, it trucks up wind, jumps like no other kite I have flown, really quick, and if you want it to, it will sit back in the window, as it is a surf designed kite.
Griffin are listening to its customers, and have got this kite wright, i live on the north side of Brisbane and have 2014, 10/12 Argo demos, so before you nock them, give one a go you will be surprised im sure.
Chris is going into boards and other gear soon and I will have that to demo soon.
If you demo this kite and love it like I do, Griffin are looking for team riders in Brisbane and you wont get a better deal I can a sure you of that.
Don't forget Griffin are still designed in Aust, for our conditions, and all feed back, good or bad, will be sent back so they can keep developing better kites in the future, so give me a call if you want to try one 0411754591


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