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underground flx 132 2008 or 07

Created by havox > 9 months ago, 7 Sep 2007
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7 Sep 2007 1:51PM
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by far the best board ive ever used ever! i dont know what else to say amazing pop smooth in chop still the best on flat .. i wish i never left to airrush so glad i got one back after i left my last one on the beach 6 months ago go see dan at windsurfing perth its the best you'll ever use

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7 Sep 2007 3:06PM
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7 Sep 2007 4:20PM
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Hey spot 1
Whilst I agree with Havox about smooth water ability and pop of an flx 132, I'd rather ride my Airush Hammer 144 in the waves anyday. The hammer has more rocker, more v, bigger fins and, better rails for a waveriding TT (IMO).
But then again surfboards rule in the waves, so just buy them all and you will have all conditions covered

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7 Sep 2007 8:40PM
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yes well i have seen them kiting surfboards from the kite stores,
they look like somthing a caveman shaped up on a china holiday
i havr a shed full of surfboards i feel i would snap em or roll the fins out kiting

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10 Sep 2007 5:01PM
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Anyone want to sell a '07' 132 flx in good condition PM me I'm interested.

I've Checked the buy and sell, they're either dreaming or to far away to look.

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11 Sep 2007 3:08AM
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i found it very eye abusing. in the the chop it has good upwind but it just cains your eyes, the spray comes from everywhere.... 07 model

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1 Oct 2007 9:43PM
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I had a go on one yesterday for about 10 minutes and I ordered one today.

I love the rounded rails and the smooth ride and couldn't believe the glide it had in turns and on the wave. I've tried most of the 07 boards out and rate this the best by a country mile.

If you ride anywhere that's choppy....give it a demo. You will be impressed at how it eats chop and lets you play with the chop rather than just deal with it.

all imho

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3 Oct 2007 10:40AM
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Originally posted by youngbull

i found it very eye abusing. in the the chop it has good upwind but it just cains your eyes, the spray comes from everywhere.... 07 model

what are you doing with the thing riding it side -ways???

I have a '07 132 and definitly don't find that at all?
Also what board are you calling the 2007 ?? as I the 2008 model hasn't been made yet???
The '07 132 is blue on the top the '08 well , ????
Anyway I did find it a little awkward at first I think it would be a little better with 30 mm fins instead of 50 mm on flat water , the board is a bit ordinary doing switch to toe side.
The new foot straps are one of the best I've seen.
But I must admitt when in chop and rough sea this board is in a league of its own , as I live in Perth it is in it's element.
Nice pop , I stil miss my old slingshot board but.
But boards are a personal thing what suits one is totally F#%*ed for another.


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