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which is the best 4 newbie LF7 or LF9 m80s

Created by dolagobla1 > 9 months ago, 22 Mar 2006
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22 Mar 2006 9:00PM
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new to the sport gonna buy a kit real soon and i got a choice of two
both Liquid force m80s had lessons on this type,brand of kite, i have a choice of a 7m or a 9m which will give me the best value as i would ike to progress and not outgrow the kite to early
im 75kgs
with a 140 matric force board

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23 Mar 2006 9:46AM
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i would suggest finding the wind range of the two kites, and comparing it with your local winds. Go for the one that best suits the winds at your prefered kite spot.
I think the 7m are suited for 24-29 knots and the
9m is good for 21-26 knots.

note: top end range i guess varies on the riders ability, so as a newb, id suggest keepin to these narrow ranges for the time being, as its better being safe than sorry.

I think youd prob be better paying that bit more for the bigger kite, but just compare with the wind speed using seabreezes "graphs" section.

hope this helps.

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23 Mar 2006 8:24AM
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tough call mr gobbla
i have the 7 & 12
weigh 88-90kg
now my ranges are as follows:
12-15 knots -12m surfboard downwinders
14-20 knots -12m surfboard or twinnie riding (lower end walking)
18+ - 7m surfboard downwinders
20+ - 7m surfboard riding keeping upwind
22+ - 7m twinnie stayin upwind
33-35 - bout max for me on the 7 but oh so fun still.

i would say 9m is suitable for starting at 15-17 knots on a surfboard or maybe just on a twinnie but not stayin upwind and max out at prob high 20's.

a lot of the lighter guys at scabs here use the 9's when we are on 12's for surfboard riding as you dont need as much to get goin with the boyancy and the 9's turn heaps faster. they hav gotten away with a 7 & 9 for the season.

so yeh tough call but hope this helps.
at the end of the day one kite will not do everything you want, but if you can only afford one then choose the size that you will use most and have the most fun conditions riding.

the m-80's rock, wish i had em to learn on....


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