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Beach etiquette...

Created by Kiteboarding SA > 9 months ago, 1 Mar 2011
Kiteboarding SA
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1 Mar 2011 10:06AM
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Hi Crew- don't want this to sound like a lecture but on a nice warm day with an awesome seabreeze recently I noticed some of the general public getting a little frustrated with the kitesurfing crew.

Just a couple of things we can do to remain as the popular kids at the beach instead of becoming the school bully.....

Assisted launching and landing- giving way to public and with plenty of clearance from them- this is super important, never launch less than a lines length upwind of other people.

Water clearance- if families or swimmers are using the area where you are kiting head upwind or downwind or stay out to sea, riding in and around swimmers is not only irresponsible but illegal.....a kite going anywhere near a swimmer is quite scary for them and we need to be mindful of keeping at least 50m away.

Lastly - if you see someone behaving in an irresponsible manner, have a quiet word about how their behaviour affects all of us, unfortunately the good behaviour of the majority can be ruined by a few who either don't realise or don't care.

Our sport has grown exponentially and is going to continue to grow as it is so visually spectacular- with this growth though comes more public scrutiny as we are perceived to be everywhere....a little common courtesy with where we ride and how we ride will go a long way to keeping our spots open and accessible to all.

Keep safe and have fun.


Geoff Gent

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1 Mar 2011 7:58AM
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well said.

SA, 76 posts
1 Mar 2011 11:11AM
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was gonna say well said, but yeh already said, definetely some idiots out there ruining the sports for the masses.

high as a kite
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1 Mar 2011 2:03PM
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Well bugger me dead, I never thought I would ever give you a green thumb.

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5 Mar 2011 4:40AM
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Well said.

Would you also be able to post a link, or write some guidelines for good kiting behavior on this post?

With a lot of new riders, comes a lot of new line tangles and evil stares because not everyone knows good riding manners. (not an attack, just an observation).

Just simple stuff like keep your kite low if you are down wind or high when you are upwind etc.

I know it is somewhere on seabreeze, but I cant find it...


Kiteboarding SA
SA, 262 posts
7 Mar 2011 11:20AM
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Thanks for the question Morne. My original post was more aimed at how we look after other beach users but kiter to kiter relations are important as well, here is a link to CLEAR AKSA's stance-

I will endeavour to add a page to SAKSA's website in the near future regarding respect and ettiquette.




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