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Good instructor/kite school for adelaide metro?

Created by ravenit > 9 months ago, 21 Jul 2012
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21 Jul 2012 9:48PM
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Hi guys/girls
Looking to get into kite boarding next season and wanted to know any good instructors or schools around. Chicken shop or largs bay areas
Been practicing on a 2.5 trainer and have wake board skills, watched the progression kiteboarding DVDs, to give me a head start.
I have heard of Red Barron kite school any others.

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21 Jul 2012 11:01PM
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Hi Rav, Lags bay you have good insyructor that works from there guy at red baren google it .i did lessons with him he was good instructor he got me hooked into the sport on first lesson.
Also windsup with matt he does kite lessons and sup lessons he also is top guy very friendly and nows his stuff so i recomend google one of these guys and your on the right track .good luck calbs

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22 Jul 2012 12:06PM
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Thanks calbs will give them both a call when I get a spare minute in my crazy work schedule.
I noticed that the windsup site only had links to windsurfing and paddle board lessons.
But will still check

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22 Jul 2012 4:50PM
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+1 for Matt stringer!

Not only does he give great support after the lessons and he has great value for money, he is associated with onboard so can get you discount on your first kite gear.

Call him for more details!


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23 Jul 2012 3:00PM
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Hey Rav,

I agree with the guys here, dont think you can go wrong with Matt or Guy. Both are great guys who have both been round the traps for a while and provide a great service. Alternatively the only other Instructor i know of is Travis who teaches down at West Beach and is a former State Freestlye Champ and has been kiting for over 10 years.

Speak to the guys at Onboard and they will point u in the right direction but as i said which ever way u go u shouldnt have a problem.

Happy Kiting.



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