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Kitesurfing at Seacliff - Quick Update

Created by Kiteboarding SA > 9 months ago, 16 Nov 2012
Kiteboarding SA
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16 Nov 2012 5:00PM
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Folks, just wanted to give you all a quick update on kiting at Seacliff.

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone kiting down there. I spoke to the Holdfast Council yesterday again and they were really impressed with and appreciative of the behaviour of kiters down there in recent weeks.

Secondly, it is through this thoughtfulness/behaviour that the relationship with the council is stronger than it has ever been. I got the distinct impression whilst talking to them that they actually like having us around and see the progression of kitesurfing in their area as a good thing for their community. We all know that many of the kiters down there are locals and therefore members of that council area... but a lot of the visitors to that spot also bring an inflow of business to bakeries, shops, servos and the like. Kiting also provides a great spectacle for onlookers and ultimately makes their beaches even more visually appealing to the community (as long as it's done safely of course). I think the council understand this and that is why they're keen to work closely with us, SAKSA, to help us keep our place there.

Once again, thank you to all involved, keep up the good work and safe kiting.



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