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Kiting spots around adelaide and Kangaroo Island

Created by davebryer > 9 months ago, 12 Dec 2015
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12 Dec 2015 3:42PM
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I'm heading to SA for a month over the xmas period, doing 2 weeks on KI and 2 weeks on the mainland. Can anyone tell me what sized kite would be best for this time of year and some places to go. Thanks all in advance.

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13 Dec 2015 9:35AM
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hey davebryer

anything from 7 - 12m hard to tell

city seabreezes can be quite good from 15 - 28 knots, down south for waves its light seabreezes but we rly on patterns and they can be light to strong wind.

I use a 6 and 9m most bigger guys have 8-11m as quiver

check saksa (ksa) web page for local spots also



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"Kiting spots around adelaide and Kangaroo Island" started by davebryer