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Largs Bay Thanks

Created by farms85 > 9 months ago, 7 Jan 2009
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7 Jan 2009 10:12PM
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Thanks to the number of kiters who came out to see if I was ok after my kite decided to play silly with me today! (The first 2 hrs before that were great!)
After a modified self rescue and a few drags from others (including Guy from Red Barron who came out to see if I was ok very quickly) I made it back to shore.The tangle was better than it looked!

A slow valve leak was the culprit I think and i've put a new valve washer on!
Pump it, and pump it hard is the key!!

Good friendly atmosphere at Largs, thanks again.


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7 Jan 2009 9:17PM
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Hey Al, were you the dude with the 12m SB3 I had a quick chat to?

Agreed the Largs kitesurfers are a cool bunch, always helpful with grabbing lost boards etc. Plus poor Neil this afternoon, I managed to get our kites tangled (first and last time!!) and he took it like a champ.

Great weather this afternoon, what a way to end the working day.


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8 Jan 2009 10:53AM
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G'Day Al i was the one who brought your board in for you,thanks for the thank you we have all been there before it wasn't long ago that kitecroc came to my aid at henley. We all have to help each other out its the nature of the sport and who wants to be bobing up and down in the water with the big fish around.
Sea ya when the winds blowin


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