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Midcoast Kiters (Moana)??

Created by s_h_a_n_o 7 months ago, 9 Apr 2021
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9 Apr 2021 7:45AM
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Ok, so I moved over to Adelaide from Perth in Feb for work (see my old thread from around August last year).

Have ended up finding a place in Old Noarlunga, loving the area, proximity to beaches, Mclaren Vale, etc.

Unfortunately haven't ended up putting a kite up yet, haven't really seen any suitable wind since I arrived - but this Saturday (10/4) is looking half decent, 20kn SW.

Just wondering if there's any local kiters on here I could buddy up with, get some local info - been kiting 6ish years, mainly ocean TT boosting in 22-30knots winds.

Particularly keen if anyone is planning on kiting Moana tomorrow, or anywhere else local (Port Noarlunga/river mouth?)


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"Midcoast Kiters (Moana)??" started by s_h_a_n_o