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Created by KFKiter > 9 months ago, 3 Jan 2012
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3 Jan 2012 10:05AM
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Due to a shoulder injury I haven't been on my kite for about a month and it was great to see so many kiters down at North Haven yesterday, I was down there from 11.30am to 1.30pm with my wife and 2 dogs having a swim and watching the kites.
It's just a shame a couple of idiots doing the wrong thing made a few of the swimmers leave the water and the beach due to being worried about being hit by the kites
I was well out of the way of the rigging, launching and landing area, amongst a few other swimmers that wouldn't have been even shoulder deep, and couldn't belive that I had to tell at least 2 kiters that they should be 50m away from swimmers. 1 guy was teaching a young girl on a 7m Rebel to body drag straight through the swimmers. I told him it was pretty stupid to do it, but he didn't seem to really care, he then tried to get her on to a board.
Just before we left (because I was worried that we were going to get hit by a couple of newbies) I had to get my wife and dogs away from the water as I knew these guys were going to drop their kite.
If it wasn't me and it was a family that didn't know where a kite was going to hit or how far it was going to fall, someone would have been hurt.
There were a lot of kites on the water by the time we were forced to leave due to idiots, I have always enjoyed kiting at North Haven and I dont think it will be much longer before we can't kite there any more.


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3 Jan 2012 6:22PM
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Thanks for the feedback Paul. Certainly sounding a bit hectic down at North Haven atm. I guess this serves as a reminder to all Kiters that it is extremely important that we ALL obey the rules of the ocean and stay at least 50m clear of other beach users (even when body dragging and learning). Kiters are deemed as a vessel and hence are subject to Marine and Harbour rules and regulations. If events like this continue to occur, YES we will lose access to North Haven (not to mention the rest of the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area), the only reason we are currently able to ride here is because SAKSA forged an agreement with the council to allow us to ride in the area as long as the rider is a financial AKSA member. All it takes is for one complaint or one accident involving a swimmer or other beach user and we could lose access to these beaches for good. This is why it is important to make sure we all help each other out, if you see someone doing the wrong thing kindly speak to them and advise them of the consequences of their actions (which we applaud you for doing so in such a polite manner Paul) and to make sure you are all financial AKSA members while riding in the Port Adelaide/Enfield council area. At the end of the day there is only so much SAKSA can do and should a serious accident occur all SAKSA's efforts just might not be enough to save our local beach access. We have taken this matter seriously and are dealing with it accordingly but will need your help, the kiting community, to ensure beach access is maintained.

For further information regarding local rules and regulations please go to the SAKSA website and check out the section under Code of Conduct. This should provide all the information you need to ensure we all stay safe on our beaches.

Safe kiting

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4 Jan 2012 9:35PM
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You are right Paul...and as a kiter watching from the shore sometimes it can be very fustrating watching this go on. Could you even imagine Adelaide without SAKSA and it's management ...honestly you wouldn't have a beach left to kite on if it wasnt for them. And does anyone ever give credit to the kite schools in Adelaide doing the right thing and paying the insurances ?? Ours just went up to $4000 for $20 000 000 cover which councils are asking these days and we only live in a city of 13 000 people (small business ) It's due to these idiots doing the wrong things when they are kiting or trying to kite on our public beaches.As SAKSA said guys if you ever see anyone doing the wrong thing politely ask them to re-consider because these are the idiots make it hard for the schools and will end up shutting down our beaches which is our playground !!!


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