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Created by Kiteboarding SA > 9 months ago, 19 Mar 2015
Kiteboarding SA
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19 Mar 2015 4:12PM
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The SAKSA Robe Easter Classic is fast approaching… that’s right, it’s actually happening!

SAKSA is stoked to present the annual kitesurfing comp at Long Beach, Robe. A one day event happening from the 3rd to the 5th of April, weather depending.

The comp is an “expression session” style event and will be judged by a secret panel of highly skilled, legendary judges… the likes of whom, you’ll never know.

A notice board will be left outside Steve’s Place surf shop in Robe which will be updated daily between 9 and 10am with details of the coming days activities. As many of you know, the weather can be fickle in Robe this time of year, so by having this notice board in a communal place, where you can check the status of the comp, we hope to allow everyone to take it easy when there’s no wind, maybe head out for a leisurely 4x4, and when the wind is on, we’ll call it with as much notice as possible. All the usual social media outlets, i.e. the SAKSA Facebook page, will be updated with details as they happen. So if you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ve now been warned, the noticeboard outside Steve’s Place surf shop in the main street of Robe is your “social media” channel for the Easter weekend.

Entry is $25 and with Open Men, Open Women, Amateurs and Juniors divisions on the card, everyone’s in with a chance, just the way we like it at SAKSA! There’s even a couple of special awards up for grabs that we’ll unveil at the presentations. While the event has been scaled back this year your $25 gets you a crack at one of the hand craft and sought after event trophies and a BBQ lunch and a few cold softies on the day of the comp. Should the wind look doubtful SAKSA will still run a BBQ at some stage throughout the weekend just so everyone gets together for a chat and a good feed.

With some prize money and a few vouchers up for grabs courtesy of our event sponsors: Onboard, Cabrinha/JP/Neil Pryde, Holidays of Australia and FSR Why not get on down and have some fun.

There will be no Friday Night Party this year however the Robe Footy Club have advised they will be opening their doors throughout the day, with match’s starting from 10am it is a fully licensed and catered event. Details are limited at present however we thought this would make for a good opportunity to get together for a meal and a few frothies while also supporting the local community. Further details to follow.

The Robe Hotel have this year have come to the party and are hosting out presentation night on Sunday the 5th April. Combined with the Windsurfing Association the presentation night should be a fun night with food and drinks also available through the hotel.

SIGN UP - This bit is really important guys, there is absolutely NO cash signup. All signups MUST BE DONE ONLINE BEFORE THE EVENT by following the link to Kiteboarding Australia Ltd.’s sign up page. Don’t expect to arrive and have a computer all connected to the internet on the beach so you can sign up. It is a regional area, assume there will be no connection, it is your responsibility to sign up before making the trip. Once you’re there, if you can’t sign up, we can’t help you. At $25, don’t risk it!

And don’t forget you must be a SAKSA or KA affiliate member to compete.

See you all at Long Beach, Robe for the SAKSA Robe Easter Classic!

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24 Mar 2015 1:01PM
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Here is the link -

NSW, 2704 posts
30 Mar 2015 12:39PM
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What are the chances for wind this weekend?
And where is the best place I should be looking for forecasts?

Kiteboarding SA
SA, 262 posts
31 Mar 2015 11:15AM
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SAKSA’s Robe Easter Classic

Don’t forget folks, the Robe Easter Classic, presented by SAKSA is on THIS WEEKEND!

If you want to enter, you must do so online before the event (yes, we’re aware the site is down and we are working to sort this out urgently for you - we’ll have updates as the process moves forward). But stay tuned and make sure you’re entered on there before you head down.

This will be on Friday morning at 10am, at 3rd Ramp. We’ll kick off with a bacon & eggs brekki with the windsurfers and follow it up with the briefing. As always, the briefing contains information you NEED TO KNOW, so get along, or get someone you know to get all the goss for you. Don’t come chasing us with questions about briefing if you weren’t there.

Keep a close eye on the SAKSA Facebook Page and also the whiteboard out the front of “Steve’s Place” Surf Shop in the main street. We’ll keep that up to date with comp details and or if there’s no comp and we’re all heading for a 4x4 etc. and where to meet.

This will be at the Robe Hotel on Sunday Evening from 6pm. They’re serving meals and of course cold frothies. Be safe, be responsible and don’t drink and drive! Robe will be crawling with cops and there’s plenty of safe ways to get to where you need to go. If you’re not sure, just don’t risk it! We don’t want you on in the paper unless it’s for winning the comp!

The Footy Club have a match on Friday and are opening their doors for us if we’re interested on Friday night. They’re serving heap schnitties and it sounds like they’re able to open their bar on Good Friday. So if you’re not looking for Easter Eggs or sitting down to a nice fillet of fish, get on down for a bit of antics!

Loosely, it’s looking like we’re a pretty decent chance of a SE whipping up and there’s a nice little bit of swell heading in over the weekend so Robe is a chance of turning it on for us! Sign up, travel safe and let’s have a cracker comp!

Kiteboarding SA
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31 Mar 2015 3:13PM
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Sign up is back online crew! Get around it!

VIC, 265 posts
5 Apr 2015 9:22PM
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It was a good day down there. What were the results?

NSW, 2704 posts
7 Apr 2015 2:46PM
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SA, 2846 posts
9 Apr 2015 12:26PM
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Here's a windsurfing centric version of the Robe Easter Classic,

Presentation night video included,

We had such a great weekend hanging with our kiting brothers and sisters, see you all next year,

VIC, 467 posts
9 Apr 2015 2:00PM
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Great weekend!! Nice vid. Bigger swell on the day and it would of been epic. Monday was off its noodle with a much bigger swell and 30odd knts. Well done SA crew for keeping event going. Will be bringing a bigger vic crew next year. James carews bowl cut for the win!!!


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