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seat harness for rib injury

Created by Tom83 > 9 months ago, 9 Jun 2009
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9 Jun 2009 5:53PM
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after Mondays session (which was sick) Ive I've decided I need a seat harness to give my broken rib a bit more time to work it self out. Has anyone used one before with this injury, and can comment on if is helps?

If anyone has an old one lying around and wants to flog it off, pm, post or call me. I know a few people on Monday said they might have one floating around.

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9 Jun 2009 9:15PM
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Speak to Trav, he f*cked his ribs and used a seat harness for awhile. May have it lying around.

Its the best think for it thats for sure

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30 Jul 2009 4:28PM
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Ive an old injury where I snapped 3 ribs close to my spine and cant use anything but a seat harness. I use a prolimit harness with no problems at all, it pulls from the hips and doesn`t give my back any grief at all


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"seat harness for rib injury" started by Tom83