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Thornside launch

Created by Scottymitcho Two weeks ago, 2 Nov 2018
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2 Nov 2018 11:40AM
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Hey all, went down to thornside today to check out the kiting area but didn't find any kites up.

There was a stretch of beach just south of Beth Boyd park. Is this the area?

I live at manly and would like to start kiting off the manly harbour yacht wall but I'm still quite new and would prefer more space to make my mistakes.

Do people just self launch and land at thornside because it is so quite?


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2 Nov 2018 9:28PM
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Sorry, don't even know that area....

My advice, FWIW....

Go where the crowds are while ur learning, gather tips and info off others....

most kiters are more than helpful to others....

If you haven't been taught properly to self launch and land, don't even bother until u get proper instruction...

Have u been taught to self rescue?

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4 Nov 2018 10:49AM
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Hi Scotty - I would repeat what Gilly said..
The site guide gives you locations near you - the closest would appear to be Wellington Point.
The location you chose does appear to have a fairly rocky shore line - there is a reason you do not see others kiting there.
If you are at the novice / begginer level - definitely safety when giving it a crack ...
The wind Friday / Saturday was a Northerly - so you need to allow for the likelihood you will go downwind either controlled or uncontrolled..
If you would not launch where you are going to end up and do not have help then err on the side of caution.
Where did you start / learn?
The real convenient launch / ride sites normally come with experience..
Be wary of shells and other sharp bits around rocks..
Ask away someone should be able to fill you in..

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4 Nov 2018 4:31PM
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I wouldn't be going anywhere near an area like that when you dont know whats under the water.

Wello point is packed, has a tiny tiny space for launch, and you can get fined by the council for inflating on the grass area apparently. Thats why I chose northside for kiting, as Sandgate reigns supreme for the bayside area-a couple of k's of uninterrupted, launchable beach and fat, consistent seabreezes.

Manly is too congested, Wynnum is out, and anything further south just doesnt work wind wise.


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