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Where to Kite in SE QLD - Google Map (make me a sticky please!)

Created by AquaPlow 8 months ago, 17 Oct 2017
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17 Oct 2017 12:58PM
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K I T E S U R F I N G L O C A T I O N S - S.E. Q L D

400 Kms - Hervey Bay to NSW border (This Version 2012).

The information structure. (Tick in a box - turns references on/off) - Satellite view is best.

COLOUR Coding (as per NSW)
a) Green easy identified as beginner where sensible
b) Yellow intermediate
c) Red - warning, read for relevant details.

1) Direction: Range & if applicable best direction
2) Hazhards: objects & conditions (+ any financial!!)
3) Description: tips + good/bad points
4) Restrictions: (ignored if none)
5) Level: kite skills - re-enforce if conditions alter general approach.

Entry 5) for Level is conservative -- Match your skill to conditions, some days are terrific for 'P' platers in an intermediate area, and a great experience. This is totally dependent on the conditions.


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2 Apr 2018 6:33PM
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This is great!!! Thanks Legend!


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