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Can you kite in the Derwent?

Created by Beersy > 9 months ago, 11 Jan 2018
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11 Jan 2018 3:08PM
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Just been sitting by the beach in Sandy Bay having lunch and the wind was coming on strong... Havent brought my kit down with me yet, but if I did, looked like it would have been on. There's a few boats moored around the area so maybe not right there, but is there anywhere close by to sandy bay that you can kite in the Derwent?

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11 Jan 2018 5:35PM
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Probably nutgrove or in front of the yatch club near prossers
Down from the casino. Never tried myself and depends on the direction

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29 Jan 2018 9:27PM
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Not to be a wet blanket on this idea, but traditionally kiters have avoided the highly populated beaches on the Derwent like Nutgrove and Long Beach. There was a kiting fatality there. Beach space is tight. We kited Bellerive for a while but the same story there, it gets very tight with all the beachwalkers etc. there are plenty of other safer and kite friendly beaches to pick from here.


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"Can you kite in the Derwent?" started by Beersy