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Kiteboarding charter to the Montebello Islands

Created by Jian A week ago, 13 Jul 2019
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13 Jul 2019 7:41PM
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Hey, We have organised a charter out to the Montebello Islands in Northern Western Australia.

25th - 31st July

It is an Archipelago of 174 Islands 7hours of the coast of Karratha. It is very remote so we are super excited to explore them!

There will be Kiteboarding/Surfing/Snorkelling/Fishing. Staying on a 74Ft Yacht.

At this time of year the weather is warm here and the Easterlies blow in the mornings.

There is still 1 spot left on the charter so if you are traveling up Northern WA or just looking for a different adventure let us know! / 0455309951



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Tuesday , 16 Jul 2019 10:18PM
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wave set-ups
left hand bearaways preferably
intel please


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"Kiteboarding charter to the Montebello Islands" started by Jian