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Kiting Buddies - newbies

Created by RoarG > 9 months ago, 14 Nov 2017
WA, 11 posts
14 Nov 2017 8:15PM
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Hi all,

Had a few lessons over the past couple of years but never had the time to fully get into it.

However this is the season...... had a another couple of refresher lessons and have been out on my own.

Instructor tells me I just need to get out now and practise. If anyone at a similar stage is keen to head out either out the back at safety bay or at Melville please give me a shout!


WA, 372 posts
28 Nov 2017 8:19PM
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go solid for 2 weeks straight and u will nail it

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29 Nov 2017 12:41PM
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Hi Rory,

I also had a few lessons a year or so back, looking to get back into it.

Had a fresher lesson and just need to get out and practice.

I live in Rivervale but work in Rockingham so both safety bay and Melville would be good for me.



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"Kiting Buddies - newbies" started by RoarG