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Kiting buddy in Augusta

Created by Westerner > 9 months ago, 5 Apr 2018
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5 Apr 2018 1:34PM
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Looking for someone to kite with in Augusta. I'm living in Perth atm but grew up down south and get down there quite a bit.

I've had 3 lessons so far and I'm still very average, for this reason I'm a bit hesitant to ride by myself. If anyone down Augusta way would be keen for a kite one day feel free to let me know, happy to buy you a beer afterwards in exchange for a bit of help/supervision!

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10 Apr 2018 5:42PM
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Hi Westerner

Augusta is unfortunately not a beginner friendly spot. It also only works on SE winds which are only present during the summer months. I'd recommend you first build up some skills at more beginner friendly locations then try Augusta next summer.



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"Kiting buddy in Augusta" started by Westerner