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New to Brisbane - Looking for kitebuddies

Created by Mick822 > 9 months ago, 8 Dec 2013
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8 Dec 2013 4:50PM
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Hey Guys

I'm new to Brisbane, here on work for 3 months over summer. Would love to get out there and make the most of the summer maybe head out on a trip or two. Looking for fellow kiters to hang out with on the weekend and share the local knowledge.

I'm 31, fun and easy going. I would say I am advanced beginner (comfortable upwind, turning and learning to jump).
I live in South Bank Brisbane.

Let me know if you want to meet up.

Keen to head out next weekend, if the wind is good.


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8 Dec 2013 9:41PM
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hay matey theres allways plenty of people down at brighton and sandgate nice flat water and hordes of beginers like yourself so you shouldnt feel out of place theres a few kiteshops around here to i think one of the site sponsors kitepower is just across the bridge up at clontarf. theres a few kite spots there too, a little more risky and dangerous then sandgate and brighton and a bit of a small crew. dont bother trying to kite at sharkys theres sharks and high rock walls. north queens beach isnt to bad tho. apart from that theres the sunshine coast bout an hour north brissie where youll find a very impressive stretch of sand you can kite along for hours. not sure whats south....strippers and bikers at goldie and hippys in some mountains and john howard i think

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3 Jan 2014 5:55PM
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Hey mick....thinking of heading to sunny coast tomorrow for a look. Looks quite windy should be good for some action. There saying n /nw not sure which spot would be favorable as its may be a little side off. Noosa cotton tree may be worth a look? Anyone got some ideas


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