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Time to try again!

Created by Seamoth > 9 months ago, 3 Mar 2018
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3 Mar 2018 10:52AM
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looking for some lessons In Altona and advice on the safety of my gear.
Purchased my gear 2nd hand from kss 2 years ago from the local kite surfing shop which seems to have since disappeared.
Attended a couple of group lessons and ventured out on my own a couple of times (with a helper for launching) but have not managed to get upright. The last time I got a little roughed up by the kite not being able to trim it properly and control it That was two years ago now so I want to start over - my cabrinah 10m bag taunts me. The plan was to get going on this gear and then upgrade with better knowledge. Now I just want to know how to asses my gear for safety, replace if necessary and try learning again.
Anyone out there in the west that can help or a contact to suggest?
Also, if you're in a similar stage of learning and are out west, happy for a team up.



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"Time to try again!" started by Seamoth