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City Beach Kite sizes for December

Created by TST > 9 months ago, 4 Nov 2017
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4 Nov 2017 4:31PM
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I'm an 85kg rider traveling to Perth for December and will be walking distance to City beach. I will be coming from overseas and traveling with my family and trying to minimize carrying a bunch of kites. I have a 5m, 9m and 13m.
Would I be safe with just the 9m? I'm riding a large twin tip and plan to start testing and buying a surf board while I'm there.
Any rules for City a beach that I should be aware of so I'm not that asshole at the beach?
Thanks for any feedback.

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4 Nov 2017 9:48PM
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Bring your 9 & 13. Perth doesnt get constant big wind every day, you may be able to play on the 13 and change down to 9m if the seabreeze comes in properly. The key to the Perth seabreeze - is a 5-10 knot Morning South Easterly... the wind will crank the Sth westerly if this happens, and youll only need the 9m. If its S/E 15-20 knots, the breeze will be lighter.

Same rules as swimming beach - no kiting the swim area and kiting is the North side of car park.
If you tack upwind... youll see plenty of blokes walkin round with there tackle out nudist beach

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6 Nov 2017 7:48AM
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Thanks for the info and the heads up about the upwind beach!

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9 Nov 2017 1:32PM
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Launch on the north side of the north groyne. You'll see plenty of kites there when it's windy. Don't launch or land on the grass - that guy, typically Euro, is "that asshole" and we see him there once or twice a year. That grassy area is very popular area for families, couples, etc, and a major bike / foot path comes right through there. Launch and land out on the beach.

You won't get much 5m use on a twintip, i'd leave it.

Also, City Beach is the start of a popular downwind run to Trigg...most of the kites you'll see launch at CB will not land there. Might want to acquire a surfboard to take advantage of that option while you are here. Plenty to be had around here cheaply on Gumtree or Seabreeze.

Wind is finally shaping up nicely - should be a good December. Enjoy!

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11 Nov 2017 9:20PM
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A 17 makes a great shade sail
when your sat waiting for wind to come in

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14 Nov 2017 9:50PM
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I am looking to pick up a used board when I arrive - I have been looking on Seabreeze and will check out Gumtree.
Do the local shops keep a pretty big inventory of used boards? I checked out the websites for Perth Kitesurfing, Airborne, and a few others but it seemed limited. I know shops want people to look at their newer inventory, so thought it may just be that.
Was looking for an Airush or slingshot surfboard, but am open to suggestions based on what is easier to find in the area. After Perth, I will be returning to my regular spot which has really sloppy 2-3m waves with lots of broken / choppy water and really high winds (25-35 knots). Also this will be my first experience with a directional.
Thanks for any thoughts,

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15 Nov 2017 11:53AM
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There's some shops in Scarborough with a second hand range. Gumtree is the go.

If you happen to be going past the Gold Coast the selection is much better.


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