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Duotone sls lost at sea heading north!..

Created by timmybuddhadude 5 months ago, 27 Feb 2022
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27 Feb 2022 10:45PM
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Posting on behalf of..
A friends duotone 2021 and click bar are heading up slowly from gracetown SW.. . It was v slowly going out&up in a shadow but then luckily theres a couple of days of sw so should blow back in over those two days.
Earliest ETA!!.. gracetown, dunsb lighthouse. Yalls.. 'lefties'.. .. Any of the coves up.. on weds or thursd or possibly up the coast even more perth/gero...later on..
Plse keep a lookout for him thankyou
He's offered a reward too of 200$ min


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"Duotone sls lost at sea heading north!.." started by timmybuddhadude