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Heading up the coast (Shark Bay, Exmouth)

Created by touch107fm > 9 months ago, 6 May 2015
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6 May 2015 1:00PM
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Hey Guys

Me and the missus are planning a trip up north late July/August, we are either heading to Exmouth or shark bay.
Wind wise is it worth bringing the kitesurfing gear up that time of the year.

Cheers in advance

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6 May 2015 1:51PM
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Are you taking the street cruiser full of icy cold coke?

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7 May 2015 10:46AM
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Im Not sure about Shark Bay But if you are heading to Exmouth and its not too much effort pack your gear. If you are looking for postcard style conditions it the wrong time of year but if you just want to kite then with your bigger gear you should score a few sessions...


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"Heading up the coast (Shark Bay, Exmouth)" started by touch107fm