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Kite Lessons easy to get to from Perth CBD?

Created by mattn A week ago, 11 Nov 2019
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11 Nov 2019 2:50PM
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Just wondering what kite schools operate either close to Perth CBD or easy to get to from CBD for a visitor to Perth without a car.
Hoping to do a couple of intermediate lessons rather than travelling with gear.
Many thanks.

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11 Nov 2019 3:31PM
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I think soulkite and a couple of others do lessons on the river. I guess you'd need a taxi to get there. The wind near the city is not kitable, the whole river is pretty ****. Perth sucks without a car.
Better wind with Westozkites down in Safety Bay but that's miles away. Kitebud and Actionsports are a little closer in the north but public transport won't get you there either. I hope someone comes along with a great solution, but I just don't see it happening.

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11 Nov 2019 7:47PM
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Yeah river is probably the easiest from the city without a car. Train from City to Canning Bridge station, then its only 3km or so Uber/Walk/pushbike to Melville Beach where several schools operate.

Our coastal kiting spots generally have more consistent wind (e.g. Woodies/Safety Bay/Pinaroo Pt), but all are hard to get to without a car.

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11 Nov 2019 9:53PM
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Love what psychojoe said..i wont mention which 'part'
How about getting a 50cc scooter lots of my friends do that really easy to sell afterwards too in w a ..
And u can zoom down to safety bay on it or up to pinnarrro
I'd be really impressed if u went to shark bay on it..
Well worth it.lots of nice soft sand to possibly face-plant on .... and open safe seas..


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12 Nov 2019 12:34PM
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Years ago, before the trainline went in, I caught a bus down to Safety Bay, and it was easy. Similarly a friend turned up, and the bus dropped him right off near the foreshore, just about where WestOz kiting is.

Its a great place for a lesson, and in my opinion worth the travel, as long as you have the time. I suspect that with the trainline its even easier and you should be able to get a connecting bus from the train station or even a taxi. Have a look at google maps and see what the travel time is for you.

Edit: Google maps suggests its about 30 minutes to Rockingham station and then 22 minutes from there via the bus to Safety Bay. The Destination will be the yacht club at Safety Bay, which Google still has as 'WA Surf'.

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14 Nov 2019 2:40PM
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Thanks for the replies.


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