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Kitesurfing Lancelin

Created by airush > 9 months ago, 6 Sep 2014
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6 Sep 2014 5:15PM
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Have a week booked in at Lancelin, first week of October, Family holiday but am taking kite gear also

Havent kited there before, intermediate kiter looking for flat water any recommendations? Have a 4WD so can access the beach if necessary.

Are there any "no go" areas?


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6 Sep 2014 5:17PM
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You are going to have a ball. Look to the sky. You will see the kiters!

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6 Sep 2014 8:21PM
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Up here for the weekend.. had a session today with a couple other lads.. awesome at backbeach with the northwest..

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6 Sep 2014 10:17PM
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School holidays and long weekend. The town will be over-run with sand bogans and families. Wedge will be no better. Hopefully the wind will be in.

Launch and land from Eddie Island Point and try and avoid the water in front of the wind surfer beach.

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7 Sep 2014 8:36AM
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Keep driving north


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