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Long Downwinder safety Bay past fremantle?

Created by Timetogiddyup Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 6:17PM
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Hello. Has anyone done a downwinder from safety Bay past fremantle or vice versa? Or other long downwinders in the area they can recommend? Cheers

shi thouse
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 9:11PM
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My concept of a downwinder is to pick up shore based waves along the way and basically ride heel/toe side most of the way. Good luck trying to find anything worth riding (unless you pick up something in a bar once you get to Freo) along the way. Would be as boring as bat sh!t.

Additionally Kwinana would involve keeping right away from the industrialised port areas. Would assume those sections are restricted. So basically it would be a choppy slop fest with a nice stop-off at Woodies for some flat water.

Then again some people may enjoy that sort of kiting.

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Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 8:12AM
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I would go behind garden island instead of in cockburn sound, that way you're not kiting under a bridge or tacking into land near point Perron where there's a wind shadow close to shore. You are looking at about a 40-50km run with tacking. If you had a good south westerly the angle of garden island may be enough that you don't have to continually gybe to keep course. Last downwinder I did was from Mandurah to the Pond on my short twin tip, and after halfway it stopped being enjoyable, I don't know what gear you have but before I do my next epic downwinder I'm getting a decent wave board for it. Anyway mate I'm keen if you are, we can do port Kennedy to point Perron as a trial run first. if anyone else is keen shoot me a PM.

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Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 10:18AM
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What's the vice-versa option?
Upwind from Freo to Safety Bay?
Think I'd rather poke mud-crabs up my ass with burning stick . . . . .
If you want a really fun long downwinder, do the Lanno to Wedge DW run.

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Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 3:57PM
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Thanks for the replies. I have an 8 and 10 meter kites with twin tip and have done 100+ km a day coastal downwinders before so I guess I'm that person. Good way to see the coastline and find some nice waves and flat spots along the way. I'm less interested in waves than in cruising and exploring.
I've never been to Perth but hope to for the last week of December and a riding buddy is usually always good a good thing.
Unless I'm mistaken from what I can see on maps garden island and point perron don't have too much altitude or is there a significant wind shadow behind perron? Or is it rideable wind just a bit dirty? Vague idea would be to do the scenic route around the island or cross the road on the island to cut out most of the "offshore" wind ride but stick closer to land/bridge on the leeside for some.
Cool doesn't sound like a blanket ban on downwinding past the navy or shipping and port areas just give them a wide berth.
Sounds like a good trial ride and downwinding further north also would be beautiful but I think I'll be restricted to public transport. Haha yay crabs in asses. You cats never get a northerly?

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Thursday , 5 Dec 2019 7:55PM
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Timetogiddyup ??
Sounds like someone after my own heart.want to do a 250km one covering the whole of ningaloo fringing reef one day in the next couple of years? (Up north) i've only done 55km stretches.
Jake.. sounds like a good idea going round garden island ;
Wish u luck with it now u need an epirb i think; .. especially around there..they will 'pull u up' and say 'hey..wheres yr epirb?' ...and if its around the end of jan and u two have sussed it all out 'safe passage' etc.. maybe i'll join u
I like the seeing the coastline bit
Lano to wedge good for you too

Goodluck with it

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Friday , 6 Dec 2019 9:46AM
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You would be much better going from North Freo up to Two rocks or Guilditon, Ledge point etc. Much less shipping to look out for and less likely to bring our sport into disrepute. Imagine getting in a game of chicken with a 60,000 tonne car carrier.

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Friday , 6 Dec 2019 10:12AM
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Leighton to Mullaloo in 25 to 40+ knots a few years back.

The 40+ wasn't forecast. It was fun once it was over and we all survived


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