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NSW Snowkite Season 2010

Created by dads > 9 months ago, 5 Jun 2010
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5 Jun 2010 8:22PM
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Hey guys,

Name's Allan, just started work in Cooma.

Have 1 season of water kiting and a season of snow boarding (which im planning on adding to when the weather is unsuitable for kiting).

I work a 4 day on 4 off roster and just bought a thredbo season pass so will have plenty of time to get amongst it. (can also pack another 2-3 in my old short wheelbase landcruiser)

Looking for any kiters with experience at thredbo i can tag along with to learn the sport.
And/or any instructors in the NSW ski fields.



(Also any advise on a kite for nsw thredbo conditions would be great. Im 95kg and normally ride north 07 rebels, am looking at getting a 10m PL charger/syn/venom2 or an 8m Ozone access/frenzy)

P.S. I realise this last question is unrelated to the topic. (sorry)

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8 Jun 2010 1:20AM
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hey mate - i have a 7.5m ozone frenzy to sell
used a bout a dozen times
i broke my back in April - so i won't be needing a kite for a long while...

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10 Jun 2010 9:49AM
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sorry to here about your back.
is your kite advertised?
feel free to give me a call on 0438462667,


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"NSW Snowkite Season 2010" started by dads