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Fallshaw wheels

Created by bazl 1 month ago, 21 Jan 2019
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21 Jan 2019 12:04PM
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It would seem that in the latest catalogue all the wheel components are now separated

Anybody bought any of the basic components? ie bare wheel and bearing housings

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21 Jan 2019 8:44PM
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plastic centred wheels with tyres, page 62.

Bearings and adaptors were always sold separate, except for the period that the FALLSHAW dealer in Kewdale road gave us a really attractive discount for 3 complete wheel assemblies [tyres, tubes, rims, sealed bearings and bearing adaptor sleeves + he would chuck in a set of the steering head bushes.]

iirc all up the whole set was $100 or near as dammit.

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23 Jan 2019 5:41PM
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All the Fallshaw wheels 400x8 KNO, I've got always had 4 ply knobby block tread tyres with tubes already fitted as standard.

I always ordered 2RS6004 (20mm ID) bearings, as the pair of Fallshaw black adapter bushes that suit these bearings are a bit more robust (thicker wall thickness and don't dislodge as easily when removing a wheel) with only a 42mm outside diameter of this 6004 bearing.

The 2RS 6204 (20mm) has a 47mm OD and the black Fallshaw adapter bush for this bigger bearing is quite thin.

Let us know what the current price is?

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7 Mar 2019 6:04PM
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last time i tried to order the local dealer said they wouldn't supply my "special" wheels, I tried to order online, price was fine then the screen came up asking me how i planned to freight the wheels from Adelaiade. end of exercise


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