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Using 14" or 16" wheels for Lake Lefroy Mini

Created by smilicus > 9 months ago, 18 Feb 2018
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18 Feb 2018 9:00PM
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Hello land sailors.

Due to the drought in South Africa, I am ready to build a mini just to get sailing again till we wait for the rain that can break the drought. The closest place to sail for me is not a beach or a parking lot, but a open field that is "smooth" and think I would need a bit more clearance and different wheels to navigate over the mole heaps, etc.

Can one use 14" 0r 16" wheels from a child's Mountain bike?



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19 Feb 2018 8:50AM
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14 or 16 inch childs mountain bike or bmx wheels are fine for the front wheel but the rear wheels have to put up with strong side loads so here those wheels as standard probably would not stand up
However I have heard of those wheels being used by replacing the bicycle spokes with motorcycle ones. This may be the solution for you.
I dont think the plastic spoked bmx wheels would cut it on the rear

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23 Feb 2018 4:31AM
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Bike wheels will not hold up in those conditions, regardless of what spokes you use. !6-19 Mag motorcycle wheels will work fine though. But none with wire spokes!

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10 Jun 2018 8:58AM
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perhaps consider getting some20" heavy BMX wheels.48 smokers are around, with shafting up 16mm,better range of tyres as well. Ive build plenty of custom 20" rims in glass and carbon with alloy rims 50mm wide. real easy to build ,simpler than 26" just because they are smaller


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