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Created by kennatt 2 months ago, 3 Jan 2019
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3 Jan 2019 4:35PM
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Whats the overall opinion as to building material (going to start a new build )
Steel tube (I have a galvanized tubed yacht built from 2'' with a wall thickness of 1.5mm.)
steel box. what size and wall thickness ( tube is stronger weight for weight )
Stainless tube as above
stainless box as above
Aluminum box and tube (I've ruled this out because of welding difficulties.
Welding tube to tube is also difficult whereas box section is easier,

Whats the opinion as to minimum wall thickness if using stainless box /mild steel box.
I have had to repair the mast base mounting to the spine on my gav.1.5mm a couple of times ,so not sure if 2mm would be better ,but then becoming heavy,so was thinking of stainless box . I intend building the frame and using my ally stub axles and steering tube from the old yacht.
I see some have used drill tube but I don't have access to this .
Happy new year to all and fair winds .

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8 Jan 2019 11:12AM
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Ok lets get into basic physics...Round section has a better torsional strength than rectangular.
Aluminium (non high tensile) is about 1/3 the weight of steel but also about 1/3 the strength.
How much tube do you 'actually need'? its better to design simply rather than just keep adding weight in a complex design.
Remember the biggest weight thing in a land yacht is the pilot...... NOT the yacht.
(an Indian curry will reduce more weight than 1mm less in tube thickness of a frame).


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