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kingston windfest 2019

Created by beachball57 3 months ago, 26 May 2018
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26 May 2018 1:55PM
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ok, so, Australia day next year, 2019 falls on a Saturday, with the Monday right after being public holiday, so again the 2019 Australia day is a long weekend, so having said that I propose a few days leading up to and including the weekend as our annual windfest for 2019.
as always the windfest is open, for lack of a better word, to anyone who has a wind powered whatever, and is open for a bit of fun sailing what we hope will be a dry lake bed as it was this year. as always accommodation can be found in town at the various motels as well as the caravan park.
so come on leave the bitch'n at home and join the fun, there is room for everyone

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12 Jul 2018 3:12PM
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Looking forward to 2019! I'm working on being there around 21st - 30th.....though the dates may change a little. Hopefully the weather Gods behave better than last year (for me at least!)


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"kingston windfest 2019" started by beachball57