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Lake Lefroy getting smaller

Created by bazl > 9 months ago, 6 Jan 2017
WA, 5785 posts
6 Jan 2017 4:18PM
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the new lease footprint basically cover anywhere you can sail.except the clubhouse..they are keeping us informed ,and the exploration areas tend to be to the east which leaves us with a small area that is still one of the biggest landsailing sites in the world

WA, 213 posts
7 Jan 2017 11:56AM
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Dont worry there's plenty of lake left.

Most of the new lake disturbance will be north of Invinsible pit and adjacent to the main causeway.
With one small pit down near black island.

The Lake Lefroy Land Sailing Club was engaged in the comunity consultation process. We raised a couple of points for consideration but had no objections to the beyond 2018 proposals.

Exploration drilling will continue at many areas on the lake but the club maintains a good relashionship with St Ives exploration team and the drilling contractor. The drilling rehab procedures already cater specificly to land sailing.

VIC, 267 posts
13 Jan 2017 6:27PM
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Lake Lefroy is the best natural surface I have land sailed on! I think concrete is best but you just cant get enough of it.


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