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Plans for Lake Lefroy Mini

Created by smilicus > 9 months ago, 30 Jan 2017
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30 Jan 2017 7:33PM
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Hello Fellow Sailors and avid builders. I am looking for the Lake Lefroy Mini Plans. The excellent trhead by Paul on the build and developement of the LLM no longer has the attachments and pictures.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can any of you assist

WA, 5783 posts
31 Jan 2017 7:59PM
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still in the process of the upgrade. laurie promise it will come back

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13 Feb 2017 5:19PM
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I was getting around to building a LLF mini when suddenly I lost all the pictures. I found the plan for the LLF Mini and LLF Mini mkI in the gallery, but is there a plan for the LLF Mini MkII somewhere?

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26 Feb 2017 3:14AM
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Bump... I am also interested in the plans.


James in CA, USA

WA, 213 posts
26 Feb 2017 9:20AM
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How about somone put up a sticky post with general plans and links to the better modification and details threads?

Vic, Paul, Chook?
I dont got a mini so cant help.

SA, 2840 posts
2 Mar 2017 4:06PM
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I have just dug up a copy of the LLMini plans and have posted them...


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