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Fisly Class 3 sails.

Created by US772 Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021
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Wednesday , 15 Sep 2021 5:35AM
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I was wondering if there is someone I can talk to concerning the percentage of draft needed in a radial cut sail? The mast is 11" / 28cm deep.

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Friday , 17 Sep 2021 1:53AM
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Disclaimer: I'm just an amateur, so take my words with a lot of caution :-), And I just know about Mini sails.

Looking at pictures of land Yacht sails (especially R&J and my Plume Frog sail), the order of magnitude seems to be around 2-3% of draft for the seam shaping (not a lot).

Then you have the "extra draft" related to the "extra" Luff Curve, which is much controlled by sheeting (pull more => more curve in the mast => less overall draft.

Maybe however you are looking for the " flying shape" draft. I had Hijacked some pictures of a Sailworks miniSkeeter. Flying draft was around 9-10%



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