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Anchoring in Gladstone

Created by BlueMoon 30 days ago, 24 Mar 2019
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24 Mar 2019 5:44AM
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Hi, is there anywhere to anchor in or around Gladstone, that is a row away from Gladstone itself, or within a row to a ferry wharf that goes to Gladstone?
I know Curtis ferries operate to Facing Is and Southend, but the smaller islands just opposite Gladstone are nice to anchor amongst , near Diamantina Is for example, as there are numerous jetties on these islands, like a jetty on Witt Is for example. Is there another ferry service to these smaller Islands?
would like to investigate the cheaper anchoring options as a preference.

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24 Mar 2019 9:02AM
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Gladstone marina has three ( I think ) moorings opposite the marina . These are cheaper than a berth . They were in constant use by lots of different boats when I was there for a couple of weeks . I don't know how much cheaper .

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24 Mar 2019 8:08AM
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Have a look at Quoin Island. Half of it was set aside for a resort and the other half has a number of freehold residential blocks.
There is a wharf there and I think the anchorage would be OK for your Top Hat.
Google maps satellite view shows a ferry type catermaran at the wharf on the southern end, there is a resort/retreat and about 20 houses on the island.

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24 Mar 2019 9:57AM
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I think its about the cheapest marina in QLD so it might not cost much more than ferry trips to stay in the marina for a night or two.

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24 Mar 2019 2:33PM
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And it is a very nice marina probably the most friendly & helpful we stayed at.

NSW, 383 posts
24 Mar 2019 3:36PM
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Bristolfashion said..
And it is a very nice marina probably the most friendly & helpful we stayed at.

A suggestion that you call the Gladstone Yacht club as they have some club moorings out the front of the club, which is just around the corner from the marina.


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