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Another record broken, Yawn.

Created by garymalmgren 1 month ago, 9 Sep 2019
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9 Sep 2019 10:57AM
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No definitely not yawn.
It took Jeanne Socrates 7 hours to sail the last 6nm into Ogden Point In BC Canada.
That was the last stage of her second circumnavigation.
At 77 years of age the retired math teacher has just completed a non-stop, unassisted sail wholly under sail.
Her average speed was 1.5 knots and the total time at sea was 339 days.

What can you say? I awe, is about it.


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12 Oct 2019 6:05PM
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Was the average really 1.5knots? Surely not.

the truth
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13 Oct 2019 12:42PM
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Surely not and a half

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13 Oct 2019 7:08PM
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Herreshoff said..
Was the average really 1.5knots? Surely not.

Just do the maths. Sounds pretty good to me.

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13 Oct 2019 8:05PM
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