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Boat stands

Created by Windsong38 > 9 months ago, 18 Oct 2017
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18 Oct 2017 11:25AM
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Hi to all,
I'm getting set to have my 38 Pugh mono hull stored on the hard for a while and I'm wondering about boat stands and where to get them or have some made. Does anyone know the angle to the hull that is used for these stands.
I have used them in the past on marina hardstands but the boat could be out of the water for 12 months and I don't want spend more on rent than purchasing or building my own.
Any helpful thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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18 Oct 2017 11:45AM
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Why don't you have a look around the yards where boats have been dry stored might have an old set.

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18 Oct 2017 12:05PM
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Windsong.....I should imagine that the padded plate that goes against the hull would be hinged to the
support tube thereby finding the correct angle automatically.

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18 Oct 2017 12:32PM
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You can usually find good used acrow-props at a reasonable price. Just make sure you keep them lubed, otherwise when you come to take them down, they'll be rusted. Unless you get them in aluminium.

Should be about $60 each, with hinged/pivot feet.


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