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Created by dvd92 2 months ago, 10 Feb 2019
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10 Feb 2019 3:13PM
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Just wondering if anyone is looking for an extra pair of hands on their sailing trips? If so, I'd love come along, help out and maybe learn a thing or two.
I have some experience on powerboats as I'm currently working as a deackhand for a company. In saying that, I've actually never sailed before, so I'd love to start gaining some experience.

Ps I'm located in south east qld

Thank you

QLD, 1530 posts
11 Feb 2019 9:42AM
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HI David,
PM me your contact details and your location mate, I'll see what we've got coming up and see if we can drag you out sometime! Btw, it's good that you are honest about your experience and don't ever feel bad about it, most skippers I know are happy to take out newcomers to the sport, the opposite where one can overstate their capabilities is not only annoying but can be quite dangerous. So good on you for being honest and reaching out.

WA, 2023 posts
11 Feb 2019 8:04AM
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I'll be headed Hobart to Bermagui soon. Maybe straight to Sydney but not sure.

QLD, 1101 posts
11 Feb 2019 11:09PM
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Come down to Southport yacht club any Thursday around 2.30 and come out for a twilight sail
pm and I'll give you my number

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13 Feb 2019 8:47AM
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Hey guys,

Thbaks a lot for all your replies. I'll pm you today.



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