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Loading AusENC S63 charts onto Open CPN??

Created by HowTo 8 months ago, 16 May 2018
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16 May 2018 11:41PM
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Good Morning
Would anyone here know how to load AusENC S63 charts onto the Open CPN program Please?
The Australian Hydrographic Service supply the data, however obviously have nothing to do with the actual systems.
I am running Open CPN on my laptop, I have the User permits via o-charts, however I am assuming I also need the Install Permits and fingerprint files? And am guessing these are somewhere in the files supplied by Hydro.
If anyone has actually loaded these specific maps,(s63) onto Open CPN, a simplified explanation for the simple man would be fantastic, I am relatively clueless on this one Cheers

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18 May 2018 8:04AM
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Ok you need to run the fingerprint file in the computer you will be using the charts on. Then load that file into the o-charts page to get an install permit. Load the install permit and user permit into OpenCPN. You also need the permit files from the hydrographic service and the cell pemrits which you get from them once you pay for the charts

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18 May 2018 6:38AM
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I reckon you should contact Open CPN and ask them, as its more to do with how to drive the software, than the data from the production agencies like AHO, UKHO etc. Thumbs up for using official ENC data tho.
S-63 is actually the encryption and authentication standard for ENC's.
Have a read of this.

But yeah, hopefully someone on here can help you load your ENC's. I don't know much at all about Open CPN.


Seems I'm a bit late hitting the enter button !


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