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Loose spreaders

Created by Cav30 2 months ago, 14 Jan 2019
NSW, 105 posts
14 Jan 2019 11:53AM
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We have noticed that the spreaders are loose - they pivot on the mast connection and move a couple of inches forward and aft at the outer end. Our shrouds are a bit loose so we are thinking of tightening them. My understanding is that tightening the shrouds will pull the spreaders aft and keep them from moving around.

Is this pivoting normal especially if there is not enough tension on the shrouds?

Many thanks.

TAS, 700 posts
15 Jan 2019 10:31AM
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In general terms spreaders shouldn't move for and aft.

Some older rigs had rubber under the spreader bases that disappears over time, other have bolts that wear away the alloy casting allowing the spreader to move

Post a pic maybe?


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