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Rottnest Island Jetty Moorings

Created by ajwilliams 9 months ago, 13 Sep 2017
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13 Sep 2017 8:14PM
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I was wondering if anybody has had experience using the Rottnest Island Fuel Jetty pens for a yacht?

Thinking of using one for a 7m keel boat / draft ~1.5m / 3m beam.

Is draft an issue for the smaller pens?

WA, 1224 posts
13 Sep 2017 8:46PM
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I've never used them myself, but have always used the swing moorings. But my experience is that he RIA are cluey about what can go where. If your draft doesn't fit the criteria, you simply can't book it (it is listed as unavailable).

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13 Sep 2017 9:23PM
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We used it a few times with our old ufo34. She drew 6feet.
It is shallow around there, stay on main jetty ,side. BYo mooring lines, you will need some competant help on board to get tied up,.


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"Rottnest Island Jetty Moorings" started by ajwilliams