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Sailing 14ft Hobie cat from Cleveland Point to Amity Point

Created by simoon > 9 months ago, 11 Sep 2017
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11 Sep 2017 12:41PM
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My mate and I were planning on sailing from Cleveland Point to Amity Point on our 14 foot Hobie cat. If we left at 3pm this Saturday, roughly what time could we expect to get to Amity?

We've been to peel a few times, and were planning on swinging round the southern tip of peel and following the west coast of straddle up to Amity. Is this the best route?


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14 Sep 2017 8:36PM
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It depends on the wind I do know you would be fighting the current with the wind in the same direction on the last leg of that trip at about 4pm ish so you would be swept back toward one mile and if you were planning on coming home on Saturday you will be doing it in the cold and dark. If I was doing that trip I would leave in the morning With plenty of refreshments on board and injoy the sail without the stress of packing up in the dark.

In a good southerly breeze 1 h in a glass out 6-10 h

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15 Sep 2017 4:54AM
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You will never get there, sorry.
You might want to do a bit more research.
You need to arrive by 1300hrs.
So leave about 0730hrs.
By 1300hrs a 20 knot northerly will in and the tide starts flooding at 1200hrs.
You need to beat the northerly and use the ebb.



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"Sailing 14ft Hobie cat from Cleveland Point to Amity Point" started by simoon