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Spacesailers - polyester or vinylester?

Created by southwest24kn 1 month ago, 6 Sep 2021
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6 Sep 2021 6:37PM
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Would someone know off hand if the Swarbrick Spacesailers were vinylester or polyester resin on the deck and hull?I presume polyester but I'm sure someone in the community would know this.


NSW, 863 posts
6 Sep 2021 9:23PM
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The ss22 site has a lot of info;

There are some prior forum threads on ss22 eg below - see also Microbe thread on his deck and chain plate repairs.

The below thread includes some construction details - dated 31/5/85. Resin type not mentioned. The S22 was built from 1975-90.

Have done a quick search trying to find when vinyl ester resins started to be used in boats - hard to get a good article. I would have guessed around 1985. This patent is dated 1980 so 85 could be a reasonable estimate.

If the SS22 was built 75-90 maybe the latter boats could have been vinyl ester but probably the 75-85 boats were polyester. Someone on the SS22 org site might know?

WA, 222 posts
6 Sep 2021 7:31PM
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Cut a bit off with the grinder or drill and burn the shavings then smell it, it should smell like vinyl.

WA, 1357 posts
6 Sep 2021 8:19PM
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Does it have a square hatch or a round hatch?


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